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** Story of Kip Keino

1968 Olympics- Mexico City, Kip Keino ran 10,000 meters suffering from a gall bladder infection. Stumbled and fell into infield and was disqualified; although he got up and finished the race.

On day of 1,500 meters, he had to jog two miles to the stadium because of a traffic jam. He won the race over world record holder Jim Ryun.

In 1982, Keino and his wife began to adopt the neediest children. Their goal was to create a home for 25 children. Today they have 86 kids and they always have room for one more abused or abandoned child at their Kip Keino Children’s home.

“This one’s a doctor in Nairobi. She’s an accountant in town with three beautiful babies. These two are with the police. This whole row is studying at universities in the States,” he says, touching each of the photos.

He houses them, feeds, educates and loves them until they too join the photo gallery, becoming examples for the next...

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