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A few minutes ago, I told you we were chosen by God. That is wonderful, but being chosen by itself does not help us much. That is only the first step. After God chooses us, there is something that we must do. We must accept it. Let me explain about being chosen and then accepting that choice.

Let’s say that I am at home, sitting in my favorite chair and Diana comes in and puts her hands out. In her hands, is a beautiful watch that she says she has purchased for me.

Now, what would happen if I yelled at her in anger and said for her to get it away from me and to never do such a thing again? That would break her heart and end up with my having no gift at all, wouldn’t it?

What would happen if she handed me that watch and I looked at it and then put it on the table behind a picture, saying I didn’t want it now, but “maybe someday” I’d wear it? That would break her heart, too, wouldn’t it? And if I did that, I...

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