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As you walk down the red carpet, a frenzied mob swarms around you, demanding your autograph. The reporters are snapping your picture, nearly blinding you. Every ten feet, a television crew stops you for an interview. Have you just become the hottest newest star? No, you’re at Tinseltown Studios, a new theme park in Anaheim, California. For $45, the studio will treat you as though you really WERE a star.

It’s the latest manifestation of our celebrity culture, where "image is everything." At Tinseltown, fighting your way through adoring fans

is just the beginning. The next stop is an auditorium filled with gorgeous models who are dying to have their picture taken with you. Over dinner, you and the other stars-for-a-night can watch videos of the red-carpet treatment you’ve just received. And, for an additional fee, you can go into an editing room and have yourself edited into a scene from a famous movie.

The audience then votes on the best performance. The winners go on stage to accept their awards, and if words fail them, Tinseltown provides them with prepared speeches. Well, maybe it’s harmless to spend $45 for an evening of pretending we’re living the lifestyles of the rich and famous. There’s one problem with all of this. You have to go home after the theme park closes.

There are many ideas in our culture today about heroes and heroines. Many people view the current media stars as such. But the Bible talks about a different kind of...

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