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How many of you remember what it was like back in the “old day” when color computer monitors were outrageously expensive and therefore rare — when pretty much everyone used simple black and white displays? If someone wanted to play a trick on someone — and I think this happened to me once (either that, or someone just made an error) — he could mess with the controls on the monitor and turn the contrast all the way down, so that when you turned the computer on, it looked like it wasn’t working, because everything was grey. I recall at least once, maybe twice, spending a long time trying to figure out what was wrong with my computer, because I had turned it on, yet I couldn’t see anything on the screen. Finally, I turned that contrast knob, and suddenly everything became clear — the grey turned into clear black and white.

Think of God’s Word as that contrast knob. It adjusts what you see. It brings those shades of gray back into distinct black and white. God’s Word does that for us — it takes those shades of gray that the world, and our sinful flesh, like so much,...

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