6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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When the Immanuel Baptist Church first called Pastor Waite he quickly made his way to each home. Letting people know that he wanted to know anything about the people that would be helpful in his ministry. It wasn’t long before the new pastor knew most of the church secrets. When it came to getting his own way, he wasn’t hesitant to remind members about their shortcomings which he kept written down in a large appointment book that he carried with him. The members of the church knew that others in the church family had been talking to the pastor. Finally they decided to call a special meeting to discuss dismissing the pastor. The church quickly divided into two hostile camps. For four weeks Pastor Waite simply kept the board from announcing the special meeting. Offering envelopes began to contain more than tithes, little messages like, "Waite no longer." began to appear, as well as "Give the pastor more time." Those who supported the pastor began to sit on the right & those who opposed him moved to the left side of the sanctuary. Finally after 4 weeks of not being allowed to announce the meeting to discuss dismissing the pastor, one of the deacons stood up in the service made his way to the pulpit & started to speak. "This is to announce a special congregational assembly for this afternoon to discuss Pastor Donald Waite." Suddenly he couldn’t be heard, because the pianist & organist who had both sided with the pastor began to play as loudly as possible. Pastor Waite began singing loudly into his lapel mic & some of the congregation on the right joined him. Before the second verse could begin the deacon pulled the power cord for the organ while another deacon shut the piano lid. The deacon by the pastor tripped over a mic cord & fell. He thought the pastor had pushed him and when he stood up he hit the pastor squarely in the nose. In an instant most of the church was out of their seats moving to...

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