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It is interesting that Time magazine in 1971 noted that labor experts were predicting that by the new millennia we would be on a national 4 day work week and have an abundance of leisure time. Those projections have not come true, in fact exactly the opposite has happened. According to a Lewis-Harris poll the length of the average work week has increased 20% since the mid `70’s and that trend they say will likely continue through to the next decade. And many people are asking, "What good does it do to have a larger salary, if I don’t have any time to enjoy it?" The Lewis-Harris poll showed that 71% of those families earning $40,000 or more annually would give up a days pay each week for an extra day of free time. "Leisure time, not money, is becoming the status symbol of the new century," says John Robinson, who directs the "American’s use of Time" project at the U. of Maryland. "A...

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