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ILL. Have you ever heard of Rockin’ Rollin Stewart? Let me ask you another question. How many of you have ever watched a sporting event, a Super Bowl or Monday night football game, & have seen the giant sign saying "John 3:16?" How many of you have seen that? That’s amazing!

Rockin’ Rollin Stewart is responsible for that happening. "Rockin’" is a nick name. His name is Rollin Stewart. His story appeared in Peoples Magazine a few years ago, & it is a fascinating story.

Rollin Stewart was a drunk, an alcoholic. He met Jesus, accepted Him as his Savior, became a Christian, & God healed him of his alcoholism. One day, the idea struck him that if he could just get into major sporting events & put the Word of God before the people, it would be seen by hundreds of thousands, & maybe even millions of people.

So for a number of years Rockin’ Rollin Stewart & his wife, Margaret, & a friend named William James, lived a very spartan life. They averaged driving 55,000 miles a year in an old beat up van, telling their story, & using the money they collected to buy tickets for major sporting events to hang out a sheet saying, "John 3:16."

Don’t you wonder how many tens of thousands have turned to John 3:16 & read, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son" because of Rockin’ Rollin Stewart?

(Note on Rollin Stewart: Sadly, with increasing notoriety, Rollin’s spiritual life deteriorated, and he is now in prison. A possible lesson to us is that God has the capacity to use even the most flawed vessels to accomplish that which is good.)

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