3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

A boy and his father were out walking on a cold day, and the way was slippery. The little fellow’s hands were deep down in the pockets of a brand new coat. His father said to him: " You had better let me take your hand," but he could not persuade the boy to take his hands from the pockets of his new coat. They reached a slippery place and the boy had a hard fall. His pride began to slip too and he said: "I will take your hand." and he reached up and clasped his father’s hand the best he could.

When a second slippery place was reached, the grip was broken and the second fall was harder. Now all his pride was gone, and raising his little hand he said: "You may take it now"; and his father clasped his hand tightly and they continued their walk. When they reached the slippery places the little feet would start to go, but his father held him up. --J. Wilbur Chapman

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