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Nikki was a Jewess. Born of Jewish parents and raised in the Temple, she had never wanted anything to do with the church. But just because her friend Dana had invited her, she agreed to attend go - just this once.

The next week she came back. And the next week, and the next.

She said, “the energy that was present around me was all consuming and actually addictive!” Nikki was captivated.

She wasn’t seeking for God, but she did say, “God was constantly seeking me out. I was asking for proof, and finding it everywhere I looked.”

She had plenty of questions and went through a lot of confusion, but suddenly she realized that in 27 years of being Jewish, “never did I feel near to God, much less in any sort of relationship with Him.”

On August 18, 1998 she realized that Jesus was the Messiah and her Savior...

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