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When you buy a new tool, appliance or even certain toys for kids, what one item will you most likely find accompanying the new item.

A Manual

This manual is here to instruct you as to what pieces are inside, how to assemble and how to operate the item.

Now most men, don’t necessarily need the manual because we just know how to do it based on the picture on the front of the box. So we assemble until we feel it is finished, then we end up with a few extra pieces that apparently should go somewhere. So we finally get the manual out and look to see if the manufacturer has included some extra pieces in case we were to lose one. Of course, there’s not supposed to be extra pieces. So we search the manual and find some important steps that would have been helpful to know about an hour ago when we were trying to figure out how that piece attached to the other. So we end up tearing it apart and start over by using the manual, which would have saved us the headache if we would’ve just looked at it in the first place. That is why it’s there, but we seem to have to do it our own way a lot of the time.

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