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On Monday, February 6, 1995, according to the Chicago Tribune, a Detroit bus driver finished his shift on the Route 21 bus and headed for the terminal. But somehow he took a wrong turn. He didn’t arrive at the terminal at the scheduled time of 7:19 p.m., and a short time later his supervisors started looking for him. Meanwhile the driver’s wife called the terminal and reported her husband might be disoriented from medication he was taking. For six hours, the forty-foot city bus and its driver could not be found. Finally the state police found the bus and driver--two hundred miles northwest of Detroit. The bus was motoring slowly down a rural two lane road, weaving slightly from side to side. The police pulled the bus over, and the driver said he was lost. A police new release later stated, "The driver had no idea where he was and agreed he had made a wrong turn somewhere. Apparently this had not occurred to him during the four hours he drove without finding the bus depot." Unless we confront those who have taken a wrong turn in life, they may never regain their orientation.

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