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In 1957, Lieutenant David Steeves walked out of the California Sierras 54 days after his Air Force trainer jet had disappeared. He related an unbelievable tale of how he had lived in a snowy wilderness after parachuting from his disabled plane. By the time he showed up alive, he had already been declared officially dead. When further search failed to turn up the wreckage, a hoax was suspected and Steeves was forced to resign under a cloud of doubt. His story was confirmed, however, more than 20 years later when a troop of Boy Scouts discovered the wreckage of his plane.

Another “survival story” from centuries ago is still controversial. A man by the name of Jesus Christ walked out of the wilderness making claims a lot of people found difficult to believe. he was later executed and pronounced dead. But 3 days later, He showed up alive. And there have been skeptics ever since.

But consider the facts of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. His integrity is well-founded.

▸ Prophets foretold His coming.

▸ Miracles supported His deity.

▸ Eyewitnesses verified His resurrection.

▸ And today the Holy Spirit confirms that Jesus is alive to anyone who is seeking to know the truth.

Yes, you can believe it! Do you? THE RESURRECTION IS A FACT OF HISTORY


--Daily Bread

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