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It is said that Ole Bull and John Erricson met for the first time in the city of New York, and the great musician said to his new found friend, "Come around and hear me play tonight." The invitation was not accepted. It was given the second time and again was not accepted. The third time Ole Bull said if you do not come and hear me play I will come and play for you, and John Erricson said, "Do not bring your violin into my shop for I do not care for music." But the next day Ole Bull was there and he said, "There is something the matter with my violin," and they talked about tones and semi-tones and fibres of wood, and then he said, I will show how it is." He strung up the instrument, drew the bow across the strings and began to play. In a little while the building was filled with waves of harmony. The men left their work and gathered about the great musician. John Erricson rose from his desk, stood for a moment in the outer circle, then came close to Ole Bull and listened to every note that came from the violin. At last the player drew his bow across the strings for the last time and stopped, the men turned back again to their work; not so John Erricson. With tears streaming down his cheeks he said, "Play on, play on, I never knew what was lacking in my life before." Thus it is with many a man who thought he knew the needs of his soul, and sought to be satisfied with honor, and wealth, and power, but only Christ can satisfy, and until we learn this and claim him, we shall be devoid of peace.

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