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Years ago, an evangelist was holding a meeting in South Carolina. Two men in the church a man and his son-in-law had not spoken to each other for many years. Each of them came to church every Sunday. The father-in-law sat on one side of the church and the son-in-law sat on the other side. The preacher preached a sermon which God used to touch their hearts. During the invitation the preacher saw the Father-in-law stand on tip toes to look across the congregation at his son-in-law. The preacher looked at the son in-law who was looking over the bowed heads of the congregation at his father in-law. In a moment they both started down the aisles toward the front of the church. They reached out their hands to shake hands with each other but this never happened. Suddenly their arms were around each other and they were sobbing and loving each other and putting all of their differences behind them. From that moment on REVIVAL started. People were getting saved! All because a barrier was torn down.

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