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Parachute illustration by Ray Comfort

The way we present the Gospel determines the type of response the sinner makes.

Two men are seated in a plane. The stewardess gives one of them a parachute and instructs him to put it on “because it will improve his flight.” Not understanding how a parachute could improve his flight, the first man is a bit skeptical. Finally he decides to see if the claim is true. After strapping on the parachute he notices it’s burdensome weight and he has difficulty sitting upright. Consoling himself with the promise of a better flight, our first passenger decides to give it a little time. Because he is the only passenger wearing a parachute the other passengers begin making fun of him. Unable to stand it any longer, our passenger slumps in his seat, unbuckles the parachute and throws it to the floor. Disillusionment and bitterness fill his heart because he feels as though he was told a lie.

Another stewardess gives the other man a parachute but listen to her instructions… She tells him to put it on because at any moment he...

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