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Dearest (your name),

You are cordially invited to come and enjoy the delicious banquet of my salvation. Serving will begin at My House and will continue for eternity. I’d love for you to come and get to know Me personally–and join my Family.

This feast is free to you because the cost has already been paid by My precious Son, Jesus. You are receiving this invitation simply because I love you. Please join me...and you may come just as you are.


God Almighty


Engraved with the Blood of Jesus

What is your response? Will you accept His invitation? Or will you make an excuse? For those of you who choose to reject God’s gracious invitation, I have something for you. Here’s an excuse form for you to use. Fill it out and tear it off. Keep it with you all your life, and when you die, leave instructions for the funeral director to place this excuse form in your hand, so when you stand before God, you can offer Him your excuse.

Dear Jesus,

On June 23, 2002, I heard your servant, (insert name), invite me to come to You for forgiveness of my sins and eternal salvation. I’m sorry, I cannot come to You today because (give your...

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