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I recently heard the story of a man named Jim Stovall, who

became totally blind at age 29. While he still had partial vision, he

volunteered at a school for the blind. He was assigned to help a

4-year-old boy, who was blind and severely handicapped. Stovall

spent considerable time trying to convince the boy he could tie his

own shoes or even climb stairs in spite of his limitations.

“No, I can’t!” the boy insisted.

“Yes, you can,” Stovall replied.

“No, I can’t!”

The verbal battle went on.

Meanwhile, Stovall fought his own limitations. Because of his

deteriorating vision, he decided he had to quit his college courses.

On his way to withdraw from college, he passed the school for the

blind and decided to resign his volunteer position as well.

“It’s just too tough,” he explained. “I can’t do it.”

‘Yes, you can!” said a little voice beside him. It was the 4-year-old

who refused to tie his shoes.

“No, I can’t!” said Stovall with conviction.

"Yes, you can!"

Stovall realized that if he didn’t continue, the child would give up

too. So Jim Stovall stayed in school and graduated

three-and-a-half years later.

The same week he graduated, his little friend tied his shoes and

climbed a flight of stairs, sitting on the top step.

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