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Victor Yap tells this story:

A few years ago I saw a truck in front of me roaring fiercely about to turn the corner into the freeway ramp. In the driver’s seat of the humongous truck was a man in his late 20s ramming his engine and blasting his stereo. The guy had dark glasses and a black T-shirt-the type you associate with a rabid Raider fan. I had nothing but dislike, distaste and derision for his outward appearance.

As the man was turning into the freeway he did not slow down but was traveling at his normal speed. He was in such a hurry that I thought he was putting his life and the life of others in danger.

However, he made a U-turn into the opposite lane and did not go into the ramp. Slowing his truck down, he jumped out of his truck as the same time it screeched to a complete stop. How dangerous, I thought to myself as I took clearer look at the stocky man who was wearing shorts and spotting tattoos.

Then I saw smoke coming out of...

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