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ILLUSTRATION... From the Movie Hidalgo

I rented a movie a few months back called Hidalgo starring Viggo Mortensen about Frank T. Hopkins who was an American distance horse race champion. He is invited to race in this long Arabian desert race that is dangerous and also profitable. He of course has the usual action sequences, there is a lady in he mix, but in the end, he does well in the race. One of the parts of the movie still is vivid in my mind. After saving the life of one of his opponents, Frank has a conversation with him. The Arab complains that it was Allah’s will that he enter the race, and Allah’s will that he should die in it. “It is written,” he says. Then Frank says something to the effect of: “What about your will? And your horse’s will? That’s what’s going to get you to the finish line, and only then will it be ‘written.’”

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