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If you saw a Philip around town today he would be the young man who is a practical get it done kind of guy. He’s never been called a dreamer. Never been accused of living with his head in the clouds. He always has his feet firmly planted on the ground with a clear sense of what he wants to be doing.

He would have his Palm Pilot in his hand, with his schedule his objectives and his lists…He knows what he needs to accomplish this year, this month, this week and this day. Systematically checks them off as he goes through his day.

When he went to buy a car. It wasn’t an emotional decision or done on a whim. He carefully researched consumer reports to select the car he believed would be safest, most reliable, most economical, most fuel efficient, and hold it’s value the longest.

When he drives around town he always knows the shortest route. He seems to have studied all of the streets, intersections and traffic flows. He never wastes time. And when he gets to his destination, and gets out of his car, if a black cat should cross his path. He doesn’t bat an eye. Superstitions? That’s all nonsense. He wouldn’t care if 6 black cats walked in front of him on Friday the 13th while he walked under a ladder. You’ll never catch him with a good luck charm. None of that stuff is practical.

Ask him about religion? He’ll tell you that he was taken to church as a child. He believes that religion has some practical value. That children ought to go to church to teach them morals and keep them out of trouble. Does he believe in God? Sure. There couldn’t be a world or universe without a creator. He will tell you that his parents were faithful church goers. But that was their faith. He needs to find faith for himself. But all that stuff hasn’t been a high priority for him because it just didn’t seem to have that much practical value for him.

He is not opposed to religion but he has a very practical approach to it…Faith must be rooted in truth and proven in action. He won’t follow something just cuz everyone else is, he needs to test it, try it, see it, feel it, believe it, for himself. He has a very practical, common sense approach…but when he finds God, finds faith, you can be sure he will be a devoted follower. You can count on him.

What type of guy is Philip? He is a practical guy.

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