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Counting the Cost - Paying the Price by Bobby Welch-----Bakari was born and grew up in a Muslim tribe near the Indian Ocean in Southern Kenya. On a Wednesday night last March, Bakari was persuaded to attend a Baptist church. Bakari was only willing to go to a church because of personal illness, and he was desperate for help. That evening, at forty-two years old, Bakari found Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord cost Bakari everything. His wife immediately divorced him, the family disowned him, and his job was taken from him. But he had found Jesus, and Bakari never looked back. He immediately and enthusiastically began to be discipled by Ushindi Baptist Church. He loved being at church, and Bakari gladly participated in FAITH training, not even sure what it was except that it was all about his Lord Jesus Christ.

That first day of FAITH training is when I met Bakari. After the training he knew clearly what FAITH was, and Bakari tried to present me with a gift. I told him it wasn’t necessary — Bakari responded, "But you have taught me how to share Jesus." This man had been clearly changed again by Christ. This time it was Jesus’ words, "You shall be My witness." I was truly moved at the time by Bakari, but it was only the first day of the FAITH training, and I thought nothing further of it as I headed to my hotel.

The very next day before the FAITH sessions began, Bakari presented me with sixteen pieces of paper. I thought, "Is this his gift to me?" I had no idea that what I was holding represented eternity sixteen times! Bakari had taken the FAITH outline he was provided the day before, and after only one day’s training, he had gone home to his village and led sixteen...

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