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Imagine for a moment that salvation came in a box you could see and touch. On the outside of this box are written the words: GRACE, SALVATION, GOSPEL. Each word describes what the box contains.

There is no price on the box, for it is more costly than all the money in the world... it’s not for sale. You can’t earn it, no amount of good works and church attendance can gain this box. You can’t make your own, the material required doesn’t exist here. The only way to get it is to ask, to acknowledge that salvation comes only through faith in Christ.

As you open this box you find on top a hand-written card, it reads: To you, from Jesus. The first thing you find in the box is a receipt titled SIN, but every entry is blotted out and over the list is stamped the words PAID IN FULL. Beneath that is an invitation to enter always and often into the presence of God, it too has been signed personally by Jesus. Beneath that is a certificate with a seal upon it stating that you have been indwelt by the Holy Spirt and that a work is in progress to make you like Jesus. Below that is a framed guarentee that your name is written in the Book of Life and that you have eternal life, carefully wedged in the corner of the frame is a ticket with your name on it, confirming your reservation in heaven.

At the very bottom of the box is a shining box wrapped carefully with a bow, attached is a card that reads: (Your name). A special gift chosen specifically for you and bought at great expense. For you to use until you get here - with love, Jesus.

This is the box of salvation. If you have received salvation all of these things are already yours, but I wonder...

I’m sure that many of us have our eternal life certificate displayed on the wall for all to see, our heaven ticket is carefully tucked into our pocket and we frequently use our invitation to enter into the Lord’s presence. But where is our gift? For many of us it is lying un-opened and un-used in the closet.

How it must grieve our Lord to see such a gift neglected. Why don’t you look into that box and see what it holds. For within you will find purpose, pleasure, fulfillment and joy. For Jesus sake, for your sake, for our sake - open your gift and begin to use it, that’s what it was given for.

M.A. Bertrand

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