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One of the people I talked to told of an interesting incident that happened at a family gathering. She suddenly found herself under attack as some of the other family members decided to bring up everything that she had ever done wrong. They reminded her of things from long ago and accused her of being mean and hurtful. Her response was not to get defensive, deny any wrongdoing and fire back accusations of what she had seen in them that was wrong. Instead, she said to them, “You know, I am glad you brought that up. I have been feeling badly about some of those things for a long time. I need to ask you to forgive me.” What a great response Only a true Christ follower can make that kind of response. Instead of trying to answer them point by point, she purposely decided not to try and defend herself, but instead, to seek forgiveness — which did far more to bring those relationships together than if she had been able to convince them she was right at every point. It’s amazing what a little humility can do.

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