6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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I was invited to be a valet for Mid Americas corvette rally. It was so amazing. I got to drive a 63 coverable, a crème white 69; I drove more 2000 models than I can count. Each one got my adrenaline pumping, and I was amazed by the power each car had. I was parking them in the grass below these two mansions on top of the hill. At one point I gave one a little gas as I turned into the field and I had done a 360 before I knew what happened. Then as the party was ending people started picking up their cars. We where suppose to put all our money into a common pot that would be divided at the end of the night. I started receiving 10’s and 20’s sometimes it was a few drop offs before I went to the pot. I started to think about how no one would know if I didn’t put all the money in. Know one would know. I had been putting the money in my breast pocket, but on one occasion I slipped a 10 into my back pocket and I forgot about it. At the end of the night we all put the last of our money in the pot, but the 10 in my pocket stayed their and it burned in my mind, I remembered it was their, but I remembered that know one knew. Two of the people I worked with were my two best friends in this word. As the hours past by I realized that I had stolen money from them. The deed was hidden in the darkness of my heart, but that is where Christ lives. So though it was hidden from everyone else to me it was in the light, but it was dirty.

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