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Scientists also tell us that light will not reduce – You cannot dismantle the parts of light and have light. It will not work if you try to reduce it or dismantle any of lights parts it will not work.

Light is non reduce-able but you can use light as a source of energy because you can compress a lot of lights energy in a very small point.

Example when you use a magnifying glass on a sunny day to start a fire. When you do this experiment you are concentrating and compressing light together in one focused area. Result you light a fire.

Lasers are designed to work this way.

Scientists tell us that this is one of the miracles of light: “It has no volume. And photons have no charge, so in the process of being concentrated into a very small space, they don’t repulse each other as negatively charged electrons do.” (NIF will fit 4 x 10 the 24th power photons into the target capsule.) “They don’t bother one another” is the way Moses put it. “How many angels of light can dance on the head of a pin? In theory, and infinite number” (National Geographic, Oct. 2001 ed. page 10).

Think about this statement – Light should not bother one another but gather together to gain greater power.

God himself is light and he is...

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