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It’s the 1930s and the depression is affecting families across America. A poor man by the name of E.L. Yates was barely making a living on his sheep farm in West Texas around Odessa and Midland. He was constantly worrying about how he could pay his bills and feed his family. Mr. Yates had about given up and was contemplating bankruptcy. He and his family would find some way to make a fresh start once the bank repossessed his farm.

One day a survey crew from an oil company came to him and asked for permission to drill for oil on his property. The contract stated that he was to receive every eighth barrel if any oil was found. At 1,115 feet they hit a gusher. The well produced 80,000 barrels of oil a day! Wells soon followed that could produce twice that capacity. Even thirty years later, government surveys showed wells with a capacity for 125,000 barrels a day. It proved to be one of the richest veins of oil ever found on the North American continent.

Perhaps you are here today living your life like Mr. Yates with untapped resources right beneath your feet.

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