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A recent article in the Denver Rocky Mountain News described various web sites to which people can submit prayers. One site,, says, "Simply click on the ’Pray’ button and transmit your prayer to the only known location of God." The site claims "that it can send prayers via a radio transmitter to God’s last known location," a star cluster called M13 believed to be one of the oldest in the universe.

Crandall Stone, 50, a Cambridge, Massachusetts, engineer and freelance consultant, set up the site last winter. The conversation turned to Big Bang theories of creation, and someone suggested that if everything was in one place at the time of the explosion, then God must have been there, too. "’It’s the one place where we could be sure he was,’ Stone said. ’Then we thought that if we could find that location and had a radio transmitter, we could send a message to God.’ "After consulting with NASA scientists, the friends settled on M13 as the likely location. They chipped in about $20,000, and built a radio-wave-transmitting Web site." Stone reports that they transmit about 50,000 prayers a week from seekers around the globe.

Citation: "Tapping into God," Denver Rocky Mountain News (3-13-00)

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