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Joanna Chu told me an interesting Chinese proverb this week. I didn’t know this, but all Chinese proverbs are told by speaking only four Chinese characters — four words. This parable is called “Frog-Well-Sky-World.” The parable’s meaning is that a frog in a well can only see the sky above him, and he thinks that small circle of blue sky is the whole world. He believes he sees and understands the entire world — Frog-Well-Sky-World. Typical of Asian thought, it is a proverb about the importance of humility. You are a frog in a well, and you can only see and understand what is available to you. Don’t be so proud as to think you know everything. Peace comes when you realize that you don’t understand it all and you are not the center of the universe — even if you are the center of the well.

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