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NOW – you may be wondering what the red cups on the stage are all about… NO – they’re not Christmas decorations… I brought them here to illustrate how rich we really are when compared to billions of people in this world…

CHECKOUT – the statistics on the screen…

World-Wide Income… (6.2 billion people)

Avg Yearly Income % # of people on avg

who make less

America 36,924 97 6 billion

Poverty 9,359 86 5.3 billion

World 675 0 0

The average American spends $ 2,600 a year on eating out… That is 4 times the average person in the world’s yearly salary… The movie and popcorn and coke you had last night would set back the average person in the world almost half their monthly income. YOU SEE – it’s all in who you compare yourself to…

NOW – for the cups… [note I had 1,672 cups on a table and 30 cups on another table – each cup represented 1,000 dollars]

(how much money we will pass through our hands in our lifetime; 45 years of working)…

$ 1,661,580 each cup represents $1,000 AVG AMERICAN


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