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The Count of Monte Cristo tells the story of Dantes (James Caviezel) who is unjustly accused and sentenced to life in France’s most dreaded prison.

During his years in prison, Dantes’ makes friends with a priest, (Richard Harris) whose godly influence has a huge impact on Dantes’ spiritual understanding. Together they dig a tunnel to escape, but just before it’s completed, a cave-in injures the priest. As he lies dying on the stone floor of his cell, the priest gives Dantes a treasure map that he’d hidden all his years in prison, which ends up making Dantes wealthy. But it’s the priest’s final words that stick with Dantes forever.

"When they asked me about the treasure of Sparta, I lied," the priest confesses. "You lied?" Dantes asks. "I’m a priest, not a saint." [Then he tells Dantes how to use the map to find the treasure.]

"When you escape," the priest continues, "use the treasure for good. Only for good." "No," Dantes says angrily. "I will surely use it for my revenge."

"This is your...

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