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“Will Christmas Come for Me?” Luke 2: 8-12 Key verse(s): 10: “But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people.’”

“If you don’t put a smile on your face, maybe there won’t be any Christmas this year!” The little boy had been mooning around the house all day. When it comes to Christmas “cheer,” his bucket was pretty empty. His best friend had just moved away only days prior to Christmas. He had a rotten cold but his mom made him go to school any way. His little brother’s present under the tree stared at him. It was big and heavy and he didn’t see anything comparable to that with his name tag on it. And, added to all that, there was this guy at school that had just started picking on him for no reason at all. If anxiety were measured at age nine, he was sure that his would go off the scale. And now Christmas was coming and he didn’t even feel happy about it. Maybe his mom was right, if he didn’t buck up perhaps there wouldn’t be any Christmas at all for him. He looked longingly into his little brother’s room. There he sat at his keyboard plunking one finger messages into his computer, a smile on his face, friends who cared. He was sure that Christmas would come for him. “But, what about me,” he thought. “Would Christmas come for me?”

Is it right to be carrying around your burdens at Christmas time? If we drag our fears and anxieties out during this holiday season, will we be spoiling it for everyone else? Besides, why would Christmas “come” for someone who couldn’t sing a Christmas carol without breaking into tears or even bake a cookie without a sigh? Perhaps that little boy’s mom was right. If we don’t buck up, maybe Christmas won’t come for us at all.

Is it wrong to be full of fear at Christmas time? When you see all the happy people around you whether it be in a shopping mall, the office, the shop floor, or your home, shouldn’t you be moved to shame that you don’t share in their Christmas cheer? Christmas is all about joy, peace and the fellowship of one for another. Dragging your problems and cares around in the presence of others isn’t setting a good example for any one. And, it certainly isn’t going to do much for other people’s holidays. When you come right down to it, aren’t we ruining Christmas for everyone when we aren’t singing, dancing and decorating our way through the holidays?

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