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Jeremy Hinzman, a name is an embarrassment to his country. Perhaps you recognize the name. Let me fill in the gaps for those of you not familiar with him

In January 2001, Hinzman volunteered for military service in the US Army, and for months happily cashed his military paychecks. Shortly after 9/11 of that year, realizing he might have to fight after all, he claimed to be a pacifist, a conscientious objector. In spite of his objections, he was sent to Afghanistan, where he served with his unit. After coming back to the states, when he saw his unit was about to be deployed to Iraq, he declared his objections to the war in Iraq. Last year he deserted his unit, packed up his wife and infant son, and left for Canada.

Since that time, he has complained to all who will listen that Americans are guilty of war crimes and has done all he can to encourage our enemies and to undermine the soldiers who are, even at this moment, fighting to protect our nation.

Now I want you to know, there is no perfect army. We have made mistakes. There has never been a war where innocent people have not suffered. Innocent people have been hurt ever since Cain murdered Abel, but to fail to support the people who were his comrades, to undermine the very people he swore to protect is inexcusable.

But wait. Before you and I go throwing stones, and before we begin to look down our self-righteous noses at him, we had better take a close look at ourselves, for many of us have deserted the fight as well. Many of us have left the field of battle and instead of supporting our brothers and sisters in Christ, our fellow soldiers we too have joined the enemies’ ranks and attacked our own.

Last week we began looking at hindrances to revival. We said last week, that one of the hindrances to revival is a negative, cutting tongue. This morning I would like us to look at another hindrance to revival, the failure to use our tongue to encourage, for I believe one of the reasons we don’t see revival, is that we don’t help each other as we should.

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