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After my Senior year of high school I went to Honduras with a group of 70 teenagers from 4 states. While there, we worked with three different churches as well as a medical center. We also build 14 small houses for poor families. It was a fantastic experience. All the kids went home excited about mission work. We were thinking about what we could do to keep helping. One man who went was talking with a local preacher who was only making $300 per year as a preacher. The man said, “My family and I decided that we were going to stop drinking cokes and stick to water, and with the money we save, we are going to double his income and personally give him $300 more per year.” Another youth group decided that since the parts to build a one room house cost $700, then they would work together as a youth group to build a house for someone. The teenagers, with no contribution from any adults, through part time jobs and fundraisers got over $700 together to build a house for someone the next year in Honduras. If you want to be a more cheerful giver, get involved with what you are giving to. It is much easier to give to causes that you understand and believe in.

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