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2. Cal and Rose Samra share this story from Holy Hilarity: From Rev. John L. Wallace.

Christmas: It wasn’t long ago that a psychologists started telling us that the ‘holidays’ are not a source of joy for everyone. Like the drunk I encountered on the subway on Christmas Eve, they’ve been told the Christmas season is a time we’re supposed to be happy, but they can’t find the way. It does not have to be so, as I found when I was away in the service as an air force chaplain for four straight years (1955-1959). Somehow the real Christmas story came to me as I longed to be home. Wasn’t it true that Mary and Joseph were away from home at The convenience of the government? As we sang our Christmas carols amid the Joshua trees of the Mojave Desert, or listened to a four – year- old Korean orphan sing “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” at our party for the children in postwar Korea, I got the message: “Christ can be born anywhere where there is a heart to love Him.” Against the blustery winds of Panyong Do, it was good to recall that the love of God knows no boundaries. In Him we will always be at home. Christmas may not measure up to the warmth projected from your favorite Christmas catalog,...

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