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The work of the Riddler is a very strange, different, and very unique work. The work of the Riddler requires much patience and time and skill. Ramone the Riddler can turn ninety bottles of champagne per minute, thirty-thousand bottles a day, and more than 100 million in his lifetime.

Each bottle is turned precisely 1/8 of a turn. The turn is very fast and the touch is extremely light. It is a perfect combination of rapidity and delicacy. . . . that is the riddle the riddler solves. "It's in the touch," he says, "the magic is in the fingers." To riddle the wine is to clean the wine. After three to six years of aging, the bottles are placed upside down in racks so that the yeast settlement may be riddled into the net by the daily turnings.

Of course there are certain dangers that go along with this such as exploding bottles. But there also is the pride that comes with the finishing touches and the quality of the product that is involved. (Story related to me from a pastor who read this in a Life magazine article.)

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