3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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Rosee was an elderly lady who always sat in front of our family in church. She was a kindly lady and I remember as a child one occasion in particular where she gave me a butterscotch candy just before church. My understanding was that any time I asked her for one, she would give me one, what greater hope is there for a young boy? I said I remember one occasion in particular, because to my knowledge it only happened once. I remembered hearing my parents mention that afternoon that Rosee was rather poor and as a young boy I felt stricken in my conscience that I had no right to take this woman’s candy.

The result? Even though I know now that Rosee would have given me another piece, I never asked her again, because I wasn’t sure she could afford to give it to me. Faith is sometimes a struggle; and sometimes we feel the very same way about God’s promises to us, as I felt about Rosee’s promised candy. Sometimes Satan comes and whispers into our ear telling us perhaps that God won’t be able to fulfill the deal, and so, we simply don’t ask him too; or worse, we secretly struggle in fear that he won’t.

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