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Since January 22, 1973 when the Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand there have been over 53 million abortions. One out of every three pregnancies end in the killing of the unborn baby. More unborn lives have been snuffed out than 10 times the number of Americans lost in all our wars. And yet even from a logical stand-point the world’s reasoning doesn’t make sense. Do you know that in Arizona an Iguana is considered an endangered species and there is a $500 fine for destroying an Iguana egg? Or in Florida, that you can go to the beach and be fined $20,000 and be put in prison for a year for taking one Sea Turtle egg from the nest? Because both those states consider what is growing in those eggs to be worth while and yet in both states unborn babies in the womb are thought worthless! Does that make sense? But that is the world’s thinking process when it comes to the unborn. It’s all based on convenience, on the fact that the unborn child is simply tissue and therefore if it gets in your way, complicates your life, so, get rid of it.

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