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Lyndon Johnson was the President of the United States of America during the 1960’s. He was quite famous for his love of speed. Once Evangelist Dr. Billy graham and his wife were invited to his farmhouse in Texas. This farmhouse was located by the side of a river amidst lush green surroundings. While the dinner was getting ready, President Lyndon took the Graham couple for a car ride around his farm. We know that farms usually have only country roads, and the President took his open car and started speeding up through ups and downs. Sometimes even hitting the branches of trees, he sped past his farm in full speed. Suddenly he took the car towards the riverbed, and without any warning turned right onto the water. The speed was so high that the car kept moving over the water for a few seconds before they came back to the riverbed.

After coming back to the farmhouse, the President had something to say to the Graham couple. He said that whenever he hit the water most people jumped out. He was actually surprised that these people didn’t jump out. Hearing this Dr.Billy graham’s wife Ruth answered. “You are the President of the United States. I figured you knew what you were doing”. I figured you knew what you were doing.

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