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John Speke was an English explorer. He stood one day staring at a wall of water that he spent the biggest part of 1858 trying to reach, and he described it as only and Englishman could, " We were well rewarded" was what he said. He was describing the falls of the upper Nile River. For weeks he and his exploration party had hacked through brush, waded rivers, run from natives, and watched Crocodiles watch them with that lunch look in their eyes. Only an Englishman could so understate what He was looking at with the words he wrote in his journal, "we were well made as interesting a picture as one would want to see." But Speke couldn’t leave the falls. He spent a whole day just staring at it. He sketched the falls over and over again. He was stunned by what he saw. About 2600 years before Speke stood stunned at the...

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