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The late Mike Royco wrote a national column out of the Chicago Tribune and he once told about a friend of his who was falling in love and his friend said that he was going to take his girl to a Seaside resort, stay for the week-end. And he said, "If it clicks, "I’m going to ask her to marry me." Mike Royco said, "That’s dumb! Don’t take her to a Seaside resort to see if it clicks, everything clicks at a Seaside resort, where your free and you’ve got the water and the beach, it’s like you’re on vacation. If you want to see if it clicks take her to Krogers when she’s unloading grocery carts and see if she handles the heavy bags or sticks you with them. If you want to see if it clicks, when you’re changing clothes, throw your underwear in one corner, your socks on the lamp, your shirt on the window sill and then tell her to pick them up. If you want to see if it clicks borrow several whining children with running noses, who have a tendency for car sickness, and take them on an all day drive and pretend the A/C isn’t working and see how she responds. If you want to see if it clicks, tell her you’re going to...

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