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There is a legend about Martin of Tours who is said to be the first military chaplain. He followed the Roman Army from place to place ministering to the soldiers, and to people in the places they conquered.

One cold winter day he was following the Roman Army into a city. There was a beggar at the gates of the city freezing from the cold and asking for alms. Martin had been in the field with the soldiers for weeks. He had neither coin nor crust of bread. So, he took off the battered old Roman soldier’s cloak he had over his shoulders, and with his sword he cut it into two pieces. One half of the cloak he gave to the beggar and the other half he kept for himself.

That night Martin had a dream in which he found himself to be an observer of a scene in heaven. He saw Jesus surrounded by a group of angels, and to his surprise the Lord Jesus was wearing the half of a Roman soldier’s cloak.

One of the angels asked Jesus,...

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