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I have served as a volunteer Chaplain for the Havelock Police Dept for many years. Still, I will never forget my first night out with them. I was completely green and had no idea how to act. I was trying to follow the lead of the other officers. We were called to the parking lot of a store in the "red-light" district. The store dealt exclusively in pornography. The owner was a flamboyant homosexual man who was on drugs as well. Next door to the store was a topless bar whose owner was a flamboyant heterosexual. These two men had argued and fought in the parking lot. The gay man’s necklace had been torn off and thrown into the bushes. After the officers got the situation calmed down, we were all standing around the gay man. His necklace had been found and returned to him by one of the officers. He was overjoyed and tried to shake the officer’s hand. The officer turned away from him and left. He tried to shake the next officer’s hand and he too, turned away and left....

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