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This is from the movie American History X. It’s a story that touches close to many real life experiences. Derek’s father was killed trying to put out a fire in a crack house in an African American neighborhood. Derek slowly grew to hate “blacks”, and eventually he was controlled by hatred for minority races, especially blacks. He knew that they used their minority position to take away the rights of the whites, so he joined a group of Neo-Nazi skinheads. One night he heard a noise outside his house, and two African Americans were stealing his truck. He ran outside with his handgun in a fit of rage. The thieves were unarmed, but Derek shot and killed one of them, then at gunpoint made the other one put his mouth on the curb, and when the police were just down the street, he stomped on the young man’s head until he killed him. When Derek went to jail, he tried to befriend other Neo-Nazi types. But he found himself being betrayed by the very type of prejudice people that he loyally supported. He didn’t have any friends, and was miserable. But there was one man who reached out to him, a young African American inmate. Broken as he was, he tried to resist, but slowly this black man earned Derek’s trust. Derek got out of prison after only a short time, but learned that his new friend was locked up for a much longer sentence for merely trying to steal a TV. It struck Derek that the system that he hated so much due to the minoritie’s abuse was really more fair to him than to the minorities. He left prison a new man, only to find his little brother Daniel blinded by the same hatred that once controlled him. Derek shared his story with his little brother and it ended up changing his life. The truth had set them free!

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