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Two young kids Billy and Kay were at the amusement park. Their parents tell them they can explore the park by themselves but they must go together.

They were happy. Run from one ride to another. They felt they’ve grown up, they can do things on their own. They can take care of themselves. Buy things for themselves. Felt very independent. What freedom!

Finally they were to meet at the Main Entrance at 2pm. While waiting for their parents, they talked to one another - "Do you think I should tell Mom that I drop my $2 note?" Billy asked. "No," said Kay, "let’s not worry her."

"Do you think I should admit to Dad that I left my cap on that last ride?" Kay asked.

"Naw," said Billy.

About that time, Mom and Dad showed up. "Did you guys have fun?"

A few weeks later, they got to know that Mom and Dad had picked up the $2 note and cap they left behind. They had been there all the time - just a few metres away, out of sight, watching their children having the time of their lives!

(By From This Little Light of Mine, from Chicken Soup for the Soul, Copyright 1996.)

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