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NO - I don’t look as good as when I was brand new… AND - that’s why I need someone who will hold me and love me, like they don’t even notice the difference… ONE - of my favorite authors writes;

There are 2 truths about human beings that matter deeply. We are all rag dolls. Flawed and wounded, broken and bent. Ever since the fall, every member of the human raced has lived on the ragged edge. Partly our raggedness is something that happens to us. Our genes may set us up for certain weaknesses. Our parents may let us down when we need them most. BUT – that’s not the whole story . We each make our own deposits into the ragged account of the human race.

We choose to deceive when the truth begs to be spoken. We grumble when a little generous praise is called for. We deliberately betray when we’re bound by oaths of loyalty. Like a splash of ink in a glass of water, this raggedness permeates our whole-being. Our words and thoughts are never entirely free of it. We are rag dolls all right.

BUT we are God’s rag dolls. He knows all about our raggedness and he loves us anyhow. YOU SEE - our raggedness is no longer the most important thing about us…There is a wonder about you. Raggedness is not your identity. Raggedness is not your destiny, nor is it mine. We may be unlovely, yet we are not unloved. - John Ortberg

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