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Because the time’s going to come when you will pass from this earth, and you will stand face to face with God.

I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen at that point, but here’s one possibility.

I’ve asked my daughter, Dani, to help me with this.

Here’s what I think might happen:

You’re standing there before God the Father. And Satan, the enemy, will be there also, and he’s going to say, "It’s just Dani, God. Let me just have her. You know she sinned against you. Besides, she’s just one person. It’s just Dani."

Then Jesus is going to stand in front of her and say, "Yes, Father. It’s just Dani. And yes, she has sinned during her time on earth. But SHE’S MINE. I bought her with my blood."

And the Father’s going to say, "That’s all I need to hear. Enter, my child."

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