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There is a wonderful park located in North Carolina called the Fields of the Wood. It is just the other side of the Great Smokey Moutains from Gatlinburg, TN. It is owned and maintained by the Church’s of God. Inside the park is the largest Ten Commandments in the world. They are laid out on a large hill there in the park. Simply a magnificent sight to behold. Lying between the Ten Commandments is a staircase of stone that leads to the top of this rather high hilltop. Once, when vacationing to the area, my young daughter and I decided to climb the hill via the rock steps. The steps number well in excess of 100. There is a significance to their number that I cannot quite recall at this time. However, it is quite overwhelming to stand at the bottom of the steep incline and realize the effort it is going to take to get to the top. My little daughter seemed quite eager, so I gave in to her excitement to adventure with daddy. All the time climbing, I kept thinking how far it was to the top of this great hill. After about twenty or thirty steps, I became quite breathy and had to pause for rest. I again looked to the top of the hill wondering if it wouldn’t be better to give up and return to the bottom to join my wife who had made the decision to drive to the top to meet us. It was at this moment that I noticed my little girl, not focusing to the top of the...

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