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Several years ago while going home from work, Giles Tate, a brother in Christ from Amarillo, Texas, saw two children playing in a vacant lot. They were dirty, ragged, and hungry looking. He stopped his car and asked where they lived. They pointed to an old abandonded school bus standing near the alley. They told Giles that they lived their with their Dad who was very sick.

Giles went into see what he could do for the children’s out and cardboard was substituted. Beds

were made of old, decaying seats, newspapers, and weeds. It was a pathetic sight.

The children’s father was too wear to stand. Thinking him near DEATH, Giles took him to him to the hospital. There it was determined that the man had tuberculosis. He was put into a hopsital room and quarantined. Giles, this sevant of Jesus, told the hospital that he would PAY for all of the man’s medical expenses.

Giles took the children to his home and continued to visit the man. Since he couldn’t go into the ROOM, he stood outside and talked through the window screen. One day the man asked Giles why did he care so much. Giles simply answered, “Because Jesus cares for me.” When the man was finally well enough to leave the hospital, he requested that Giles baptize him into Christ.

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