3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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I was burdened to pray one day. So when I got home from work my wife who usually would be home, was not home. So I to my room to pray and God led me to pray for a baby in our family. As I prayed ferverently in the spirit, I did not know why, but I prayed for about an hour. When I finished praying the phone rang and it was my wife. She was very upset and distressed, she kept saying she killed the baby, she killed the baby, I asked her what baby? She said, my sister just killed her baby. She threw the baby agianst the dresser. The baby was only a few months old, about four months. So I told my wife over thr phone, thats impossible, I just got through prayer for that Shamira. I’ll be right there. So I went to hospital and my wife and mother-in-law were waiting outside the intnesive care unit when I got there. God had assured me while on my way to the hospital, that the baby is alright. So when I got there, they were upset telling me what had happened, I told them don’t worry everything is going to be alright. As soon as I said that the doctors rolled the baby out of intensive care, and the baby was sitting upright on the bed, and I said see I told everything is alright. This four month old who suffered multiple skull fractions and was unconcious when rushed to the hospital, had the doctors scratching their heads in amazment could not understand how this child lived. today that child is 18 years old is in her right mind. When we ferverently pray for others, God will hear when we call. My prayer that day was Lord please bless that child.

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