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1. C. Leslie Charles says that the American Psyche is headed for a pressure cooker explosion because she sees a society that is getting angrier and angrier and more self-centered every day. She says many have bought into the belief of the “The Cranky Code” of conduct:

a. I am entitled to what I want when I want it.

b. My time is important and I should not have to be inconvenienced by others.

c. I have the right to be impatient or rude when other people are behaving stupidly.

d. I am entitled to special privileges because I am who I am.

e. I’m a taxpayer; I own part of this road and I have the right to drive as fast as I want.

f. I not only have the right to pursue happiness, I deserve to be happy and I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it.

g. I’m entitled to cheat a little bit in order to get ahead. If I don’t take advantage someone else will, and then they’ll be a step ahead of me.

h. I work extra hard but don’t get paid for it so I’m justified in helping myself to a few “souvenirs” from my office to offset what I am rightly owed.

i. I’m too busy to mince around with false politeness and should be able to tell people exactly what I think without having to worry about their feelings.

j. I must be more in the know than everyone else so I can stay one up on them; otherwise they may take advantage of me.

k. I deserve the newest, the biggest, the best, and the most. It’s my right.

l. I’m going to die one day so I may as well get as much as I can right now.

m. So what if I’m rude-I never have to see this person again, so...

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